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Thailand Alumni gives New year gifts to abandoned children.

As all the children should have a right to get a box of present on Christmas or new year celebration, Thailand IATSS Forum Alumni got together on 13 December 2013, each one with a gift box to donate to orphans at Chaiyapruk Foundation, the self-sufficient house for abandoned children. We have got a total of 50 gift boxes from Alumni members and these presents were distributed to the abandoned children on 29 December. The children were very happy to have New year gifts this year as normally they don't have a chance like this. The Alumni also donated an amount of money to buy donuts, jelly and candy to give away to the children as a special treat to celebrate the happy time.

"Since we have got a good chance from IATSS Forum that really made us happy, we would like to give some good chances to people around us, a chance that will make them happy, too. And we will surely continue to give back to the society as a part of our Alumni activities." Said the Thailand Alumni president.


Education Charity Event (2013)

A charity event took place in a village community center in Takeo province located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The purpose of this charity event is to make people to realize the importance of education. This event was mainly led by the 49th IATSS forum participants with the cooperation of other alumni and Cambodian country secretariats to share the knowledge and experiences that they acquired/learned during the IATSS forum with the local students.
There are hardly any educational supplements, such as dictionaries, available to this village. Although most of students in this village have a strong will to learn, they cannot afford to buy any books due to their financial situation.
In order to improve this situation, the event organizers collected contributions from the IATSS forum alumni in Cambodia and also used the contributions that they received during a charity auction they conducted during the 49th forum program. The team did not only provide educational materials but also shared the knowledge and experiences they acquired during the 49th forum, such as a game called "Motivation-up", and "Leadership skill up" activities, with the local students.

By conducting this event, they were able to provide an opportunity for the local students to deepen their knowledge by sharing information with others, to improve the local students’ possibilities, to share the knowledge and experiences they acquired from the IATSS forum program and to give hope to the young people of the village.


Cooling Cambodia (2012)

Cambodian Alumni association had an educational workshop regarding the reduction of power consumption in a school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This workshop was held as an IATSS Forum alumni association, based on a project that had been planned in group study by Ms. Jamie and other members of the 48th batch in 2011.
Aiming to contribute to the prevention of global warming by reducing power consumption of households in cities, we held a workshop intended to let participants experience the amount of energy required to operate electrical household appliances, like radios and TVs by using a bicycle generator. Through an experience of making toys, such as pinwheels, with recycled paper, this workshop provided an opportunity for people to understand that children have creative playing options without imposing environmental loads other than TV games and programs.


Campus & Community Eco Action Project (2012)

In 2011, this project was implemented as part of alumni activities in the Philippines, based on a project that had been planned in group study by Mr. Ponkoi and other members of the 48th batch in 2011.
This project , which was implemented in Davao City, Philippines by gaining the understanding and cooperation of Mr. Ponkoi's university and local community during the training of the forum, is a realization of a project plan proposed by "3R for 3G," the group research team to which he belonged.

Reports on the implementation status of the first project held on March 2 and 7 are introduced.


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Alumni Newsletter

The ASEAN-Japan IF Alumni Newsletter is published in collaboration with the alumini associations of the 9 participating ASEAN countries and Japan.
The editorial team is comprised of a sub-editor from each of the participating countries.
The newsletter covers the latest alumni activities and interesting news and events from alumni associations.

International Alumni Meeting

The 7th IATSS Forum International Alumni Meeting

The 7th IATSS Forum International Alumni Meeting took place in June 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam. 80 alumni from nine Asian countries came together, in addition to approximately 100 people which included members from the IATSS forum committee, the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and Honda Vietnam.

During the meeting, based on "The Suzuka Declaration 2012", information about the future of the IATSS forum and a look back over our 28 years of activities, was shared with the alumni. This time, an alumni survey was conducted, to investigate how the IATSS forum's training has affected alumni's lives and these results were shared with the attendees.

The results of the meeting were summarized into a document called "The Hanoi Declaration 2013". Representatives from each country signed this document and promised to promote the IATSS forum in their country. The Hanoi City tour was also held on another day, and we discovered the beauty of Hanoi's traditions and culture.

2013 is the 40th Anniversary of the Japan-Vietnam and Japan-ASEAN diplomatic relations. We strongly believe that this reunion has strengthened our relations which will lead to consistent development of the IATSS forum and better relationships among members of ASEAN region and Japan.

photoInternational Alumni Meeting

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