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Jasmine [57th batch (2017 Spring Forum)] [Singapore]

Participating in 57th batch (2017 Spring Forum)Singapore

Voice before the participation

The IATSS Forum programme would be a valuable opportunity for me to learn sustainable community design from the Japanese community, meet new friends and develop useful skills that I could bring back to apply in my career, volunteer work as well as personal life.

The IATSS Forum allows participants to not only learn from professors and professionals who are experts in their respective sectors, it also involves them in field studies and home stays to witness what was learnt from the classroom in real communities. I have always marvelled at the Japanese’s strong community spirit, so I am looking forward to learning from the people I meet.

Along the same note, I am excited to meet new friends from both Japan and the ASEAN community and get to know their unique cultures, especially during the cultural exchange programmes.

As part of the programme syllabus, the IATSS Forum offers the opportunity to learn soft skills such as team building, working with different leadership styles and conflict management. I am looking forward to learn these skills and the frameworks to apply them to my interpersonal interactions.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the management and staff of the IATSS Forum for organising the forum and supporting the growth of young people from ASEAN countries.