[Thinking and Learning Together] The IATSS Forum aims to bring out the best qualities in individuals who will one day become future leaders in Asia. We provide a 55-day program for invited participants from nine countries in Asia.
[IATSS Forum] Under the motto 'Thinking and Learning Together,' the forum provides a place where participants can mutually understand each others' countries through group study, seminars, study tours and cultural exchange.
[Theme & Study] This is intended for participants to make proposals for studies and to solve problems regarding the provided theme, while practicing 'Thinking and Learning Together.'
[Seminar] At the Seminar, participants will learn various ways of viewing Japan, Asia, and the world through a diversity of topics, such as the environment, traffic, education and politics.
[Cultural exchange activities] In the forum, which is intended to convey the cultures of Asian countries, participants will be able to not only experience Japan's traditional culture, but also learn about Japanese culture through various exchange events where they can interact with local residents and stay with host families.
[Communications] Participants will be able to improve their communication ability through facilitation skill training, the team-building training, and various workshops.