Guiding Principles of our Program


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IATSS Forum nurtures young professionals in Asia who will play a leading role in their region and the world in the future. Providing a platform of “Thinking and Learning Together” for young professionals in various fields in Asian countries, the IATSS Forum aims to nurture future leaders in Asia who have the motivation and capacity to think of solutions and take actions for a better future.

Target Candidates

We are looking for candidates who display the following characteristics.

  • Candidates who have experience leading a team within an organization and a recognition of their ownareas of improvement in their own leadership capacity
  • Candidates who understand the values of “co-creative/collaborative leadership” which maximizes the diver sity of team members towards a common goal working with members from different cultural and professional backgrounds.
Awareness of the Issues and Desire to Make Change
  • Candidates who have awareness of the issues facing their own countries and communities and the motivation to take on a leadership role for the future sustainable development of the region.
Capacity and Potential
  • Candidates who have broad range of skills, experience and expertise which can be shared and will contribute to the training program.
  • Candidates who have a sufficient level of English to be able to share their knowledge and experience in lectures, group discussions and meetings.
  • Candidates who have the potential to gain what they lack by participating in the IATSS Forum, and make use of this potential for their own future and for the good of other people.
  • Candidates who are disciplined and independent in a diversified environment and who have a positive attitude toward learning from and respecting others.
  • Candidates who have a motivation to develop their own ability proactively in a diversified setting.
  • Candidates who are clear about what they want to gain from the IATSS Forum and have goals that are in line with the contents of IATSS Forum.


Selection Policy

The IATSS Forum is open to applications for any qualified applicant who is under 35 years old with at least 2 years of fulltime professional work experience. The IATSS Forum Country Committees of respective countries and the IATSS Forum Steering Committee in Japan will conduct paper-based screening and interviews based on the basic principles as follows.

Selection Process

To select 4 participants in each respective country per year (2 participants per program), we will use the following steps.

  1. The 1st screening: This is a paper screening by the IATSS Forum Country Committees in each respective country (to select the long list of applicants)
  2. The 2nd screening: This is a paper screening by the IATSS Forum Steering Committee in Japan (to select the short list of applicants)
  3. The Final interview: One on one interview by both the IATSS Forum Country Committees and the IATSS Forum Steering Committee members in each respective country (to select 4 applicants)

Selection Criteria

As outlined above, we are looking for the following 4 points

  1. From the essay contents, we will examine applicants’ experience as a leader, motivation for improvement and leadership style.
Awareness of the Issues and Will to Make Change
  1. From the essay contents as well as responses in the interview, we will check each participant’s awareness of the issues facing in their region and how they plan to involve themselves in solving these issues.
Capacity and Potential
  1. From the “work experience” and “social contribution” sections in the application form, we will see applicants’ expertise, experience, values, motivation for social contribution as well as how much impact they can make, after the IATSS Forum, in their own region.
  2. We will check each applicants’ English ability from the “language ability” section, attached certifications as well as essay contents, essay structure and interview responses.
  1. From the level of involvement and contribution in the Group Work sessions which will be conducted before the final interview, we will be able to see the level of respect towards others and motivation to learn from others.
  2. From the essay contents and response in the interview, we will see if applicants have clear goals and are serious about developing their potential abilities.

In order to secure diversity in the learning environment, we may need to make adjustments among successful candidates. This may depend on issues such as variety of expertise, range of employment sectors etc.


The IATSS Forum aims to include people from diverse backgrounds including those with mental and physical disabilities. However, individuals who have conditions that would impede participation in the program may be excluded.

Participation in the IATSS Forum necessitates certain physical and mental challenges including site visits and day trips in often challenging environments. If it becomes apparent that a candidate is unable to fulfill the requirements of the program the chairperson of the IATSS Forum Steering Committee may decide to cancel the candidate’s participation.

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