Guiding Principles of our Program


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To nurture promising leaders who are in line with the IATSS Forum’s philosophy and aims, for the completion of the program, the IATSS Forum aims to certify only qualified participants who have improved and attained the expected abilities throughout the program period, and have the capability to apply them to play a vital role in their organizations and communities as well as through alumni activities in respective countries.

Expected Abilities

Foundation of Leadership and Organizational Management (CP1)
  • Participants have a general understanding and skill of leadership and management
  • Participants have a basic management ability that is essential for individuals and organization’s optimal performance depending on various situations
Insight based on Interdisciplinary Approach (CP2)
  • Participants can understand the multilateral relationship of issues beyond fields
  • Participants can capture current issues and future directions with a comprehensive view
  • Participants can understand the conflicting point of view derived from the unique mix of specialized fields and stances.
  • Participants can deliberate on future directions with an interdisciplinary approach
The Ability to Generate Creative Ideas for Sustainable and Peaceful Development (CP3)
  • Participants can understand the concept of sustainable development and recognize relating issues in their surroundings.
  • Participants can create ideas and solutions to solve the issues
  • Participants can design a way to actualize their own ideas
Interpersonal and Communication Skills (CP4)
  • Participants have the ability to recognize and understand their moods, emotions and drives and control them to initiate dialog with consideration of how they effect on others.
  • Participants listen attentively, understand the central idea, and think about how others feel and are attuned to other’s moods
  • Participants understand what motivates other people even those from different backgrounds and are sensitive to other’s needs.
  • Participants can solicit opinions and ideas from everyone in a team and facilitate the process of consensus making
  • Participants believe in the potential of the team and its members, and maximize this potential to achieve a common goal
  • Participants can draw out the ability of individuals and maximize synergetic effect in a team in order to achieve a common goal
Influential Power and Ability to Execute an Idea (CP5)
  • Participants provide constructive feedback that others find helpful for their professional development
  • Participants take the most appropriate action for the team or organization for achieving objectives with an appreciation of its culture and values.
  • Participants can make a proposal based on the consensus building of all stakeholders by engaging them in discussions and appealing to their self-interest.
  • Participants can propose feasible and influential plans by initiating a dialog with key persons proactively.
  • Participants demonstrate compassion to personally invest time and energy for the development and mentoring of their juniors, considering the medium and long term sustainable development of organization

Evaluation of the Attainment of the Above Abilities

We evaluate the attainment of the above abilities for each participant in reference to the items listed Below.

  • Report on each seminar and field study programs
  • Group project (Group Work/Group Presentations/Group Report
  • Completion Report
  • Objective evaluation during the program period by Forum Staff
  • Self-evaluation/analysis and objective evaluation at the beginning and the end of the program
  • Individual interview

In addition to the above evaluation, the IATSS Forum Country Committees and secretariat in each respective country conducts effectiveness verification after the participation in the program

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