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Message from Alumni

Ms. Khin San Oo

  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum :
  • Current Position : Padamyar FM Radio Station, Padamyar FM Media Co.,Ltd. / Deputy General Manager ( Head of Admin & HR Department ),IATSS Forum Alumni of Myanmar Association – (Auditor)

I had a dream that I must be a top management level in my career life, I joined IATSS FORUM in 2003 when I was an Assistant Admin Officer also Personal Assistant to President at UMFCCI . I have the forgotten memories in participation at IATSS FORUM and I’ve learned about Japan, Japanese & Cultures of Japan & ASEAN Countries .

I gained many beneficial experiences not only for my career life but also social life. IATSS FORUM gave me more encouragement to improve my Leadership and Communication skill. I could undertake more responsibilities after IATSS Forum . And I changed to work at my new jobs where I was promoted more and more to higher level . Now I become the one of Management Level in my current work . I do contributions and actively participate in alumni activities of IATSS Forum Alumni of Myanmar Association since 2003 up to now.