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Message from Alumni

Mr. Sumeth Deoisres

  • Country : Thailand
  • Forum :
  • Current Position : Court of First Instance Attached to the Supreme Administrative Court / Former President of the Administrative

As a participant in 1988, I learned a lot of subjects at IATSS FORUM that helped me understand Japan and Japanese people in many aspects — perception of nature, self-discipline, human relations, social values, work ethics, religion, society and education, and family structure. The participants with different occupational specialties have to learn fields which are far away from their occupations. These course arrangements are very superb because a wide range of knowledge and experiences of Japan and Japanese people can be beneficial to the participants’ duties in the future. The participants are able to utilize what they have learned to think over their nation and nation development, so the primary objective of IATSS FORUM can be accomplished in the long run. IATSS FORUM should move forward and stay strong in order to achieve its objectives.