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Ms. Nidcha Jirametthanakij

  • Country : Thailand
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  • Current Position : Corporate Accounting & Finance, IRPC Public Co., Ltd. / Senior Executive Vice President

 Apart from the very good program arrangement including various classroom training and outdoor trips, the dedication of the ITASS Manager and all staffs in taking excellent care of us, not only good foods, clean bed, but also a true essence of knowledge that we learnt through many professors, instructors, community around the area and those lovely family whom we spent a few days home stay with. It really opened up my heart and eyes how a nation can be great through their quality citizens. Anyone who experience Japanese people and culture cannot refuse that Disciplinary, Honesty, Integrity, Punctuality, Tidiness, Careful thought and planning and Dedication culture are all embedded in the Japanese’ DNAs. And if we want our nation to be as great as Japan, it is our responsibility to train ourselves, our kids, subordinates to follow this DNAs.