Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Message from Alumni

Ms. Rodora Turalde Babaran

I always recall with fondness and gratefulness my time in Japan as a delegate to the 37th IATSS Forum.  I learned so much about Japanese culture, development and governance.  The opportunity to engage with fellow delegates from Southeast Asian countries as well as Japan allowed me to appreciate diversity as well as think and work together with a multi-cultural group.  It was also a great opportunity to appreciate my heritage and culture, and proudly share it with fellow delegates.  The alumni programme with support from the IATSS Forum also enabled us to maintain contact and continue building on our good relationship, and most importantly continue to contribute to society through various projects and initiatives.  I hope the IATSS Forum will continue as it contributes to ASEAN Community Building and deepening ties with Japan, a strategic partner of ASEAN.