Notification of Resumption of the IATSS Forum Program

Thank you for your continued support for the IATSS Forum.

It has already been three years since the outbreak of COVID-19 began. Businesses and the economy have finally started opening up in Japan and we are quickly returning to normal life.

As the Japanese government has announced that it plans to ease border measures and restrictions to a large degree from May, 2023 and to change the Japanese medical system in accordance with this, we are glad to announce that the IATSS Forum will officially resume the IATSS Forum Program this year.

The duration of each program this year lasts about one month, which is shorter than the programs we normally held before the pandemic. This is because it is necessary to plan a program in which we can complete in any unexpected situations. This measure is just limited to the plan for this year. Also, the ceremonies and culture exchange event will be downscaled and conducted internally in a different style for the sake of safety. We appreciate your understanding.

We will make our best efforts to conduct and complete our programs under safe environment.

We appreciate your support and understanding of IATSS Forum.

Thank you very much.

Yoshinari Takagaki

General Manager