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Miew [51期生(2014年春)] [タイ]



IATSS フォーラム申請書の概略を読んだあとに私はためらいなく申込書を出すと決めました。幸運にも、IATSS フォーラムファミリーの一員に選ばれました。いろいろと助けてくれたタイ人スタッフと日本人スタッフの両方にとても感謝しています。この研修は知識ばかりでなく社会生活の分野と文化面にも及んでいます。また、カリキュラムは、文化背景のさまざまなアセアンと日本の研修生が「共に考え共に学ぶ」のテーマのもとに、お互いの理解を深め可能性を広げていく事が目的です。



I: Integrity of overall programme with well-planned and good monitor
A: “A to Z” is alphabetical order of my classmates who became “friends” from the very first day
(“A to Z”は私のチームの名前。チームメートとは研修一日目から友達になった。)
T: Team building with diversity talents, experiences and backgrounds
S: Scholars and lecturers are well-selected to provide us widening and deepening knowledge
S: Staff of IATSS who give us whole-hearted supporting continuously through the program
F: Family, host family, who took a great care of us, along with keep in touch from time to time
O: Onsen, which always rejuvenate our long and exhausted days
R: Recover my weakness and invigorate my strength points
U: Unity of our 51st Batch to fulfill the objectives and reach the set goals
M: Management of time, diversities, individual’s competency and change are the key elements
Finally, let me congratulate and welcome all new IATSS Forum members. I wish you do enjoy staying in Suzuka as I did!