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Siti [54期生(2015年秋)] [インドネシア]






Living in Japan for 59 days was a great experience. It was full package of fantastic journey. I had many experiences: learning many lecture from respective and very humble professors. They share their knowledge and experiences to make us understand what Japan done and its dream to create a sustainable community. Through field study I knew the best practices how government collaborations with NGO and private sector to achieve what that we called a sustainable community .I also met some great artisans who preserves Japanese culture. They trying their best to pass their culture and tradition to the young people. And I experienced Japanese culture from enthusiasm volunteers. From them, I knew how to wear yukata, dancing, playing traditional games, learned to write my name in kanji, prepared tea ceremony and made a delicious sushi and even practice my Japanese language. I also very happy that I can spent time with my host parent. A side of that, the homestay was a wonderful program that I experienced Japanese daily life. And I want to show my appreciation to all very excellent IATSS Forum staffs that 100% facilitate and ensure us enjoy the program. Through this program, I can see how Japanese people very punctual and discipline and highly consider with others and environment. I amazed with their cleanness and how Japanese people segregate the waste. And they said that its part of their life and it start from their family. I understand that in every meeting/seminars the IATSS staff provide different plastic bags for different waste that help us to practice to segregate the waste. And now, I am practicing the waste segregation in my family and I hope this small step can make better for my environment.
Meeting new people and spent almost for 2 months was very challenging because of the different background and culture. But with help from IATSS staffs, soon we became a family. We experienced facilitation training. This training helped us how to work with others. Respect, considerate, active listen, active communication and mutual understanding, no one left behind are the effective ways to work together. “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to far go together”. This African proverb inspired our 54th batch that make our bond stronger.
It’s been 3 months after the program, in the future, I hope I can do more for my society and my carrier. I do believe that all the experiences has enriched me to become a better person.