The application for the 2025 IATSS Forum is now open.

We are pleased to announce that the official opening of the 2025 program application began on June 1, 2024.
Please check the Application page for more information.

Our Vision

IATSS Forum nurtures young professionals in Asia who will play a leading role in their region and the world in the future.

Providing a platform of “Thinking and Learning Together” for young professionals in various fields in Asian countries, the IATSS Forum aims to nurture future leaders in Asia who have the motivation and capacity to think of solutions and take actions for a better future.


Young professionals from 10 countries across Asia gather in Suzuka, Japan.
Despite differences in culture, religion, and professional background, they grow together as leaders and work together toward the shared goal of “Making the World Sustainable", under the IATSS Forum motto, "Thinking and Learning Together."

  • Full Scholarship Program
  • 7weeks of Learning in Japan
  • Thinking & Learning Together

Program Overview

Examples of Program Contents

  • Team Building

    Based on the concept of experiential learning, or “learning by doing”, various activities are provided for participants to deepen self and mutual understanding. This session helps the team build mutual respect and trust and nurture the spirit of “learning community”, which contributes to the self-development of each participant.

  • Skill training

    Workshops to develop practical skills for thinking and guiding a team are provided at the beginning of the program.
    “Facilitation Skill” and “Systems Thinking” are examples. These are essential skills for participants when they conduct group work at the IATSS Forum as well as in their workplace once they return to their countries.

  • Education Seminar

    This seminar helps participants understand the role of education in the development of nations, by looking at education policies and practice in several countries. It also helps participants consider the challenges that current education systems face in each of our countries and reflect on the future direction of education.

  • Globalization and Nations Seminar

    Looking at the current political situation and challenges facing participants’ own and neighboring countries, this seminar is a chance to think about the future direction of each individual country and Asia as a whole. Participants also think of ways to maintain international order, based on peace and prosperity, under the current uncertain global situation.

  • Kobe Field Study

    Participants visit Kobe to learn about the rehabilitation process after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995. This study teaches the importance of disaster risk reduction as well as the roles of multi-stakeholders. It is a chance for participants to think about how to design resilient communities in which everyone is able to live in a safe and secure environment.

  • Kyoto Field Study

    Japan is proud of preserving our unique traditional culture which we have cultivated over hundreds of years. Visiting Kyoto, the capital of traditional culture in Japan, participants learn about Kyoto’s effort in passing traditional culture on to the next generation.
    It gives participants an opportunity to observe Kyoto’s initiative to integrate innovation into tradition.

  • Study on Environment

    The study is composed of a lecture and site visits. It helps participants understand current global environmental issues and measures taken by nations in response. The field study on Yokkaichi air pollution focuses on how Japan has overcome air pollution issues. This study helps participants consider how to balance economy and environment.

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