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Amy [55期生(2016年春)] [フォーラム] [ベトナム]



Xin chao! Warmest greeting from Vietnam to every IATSS staff and participants of the 55th batch.
My name’s Nguyen Thi Phuong Thanh. You can call me Amy. I'm an anchor of Vietnam televison station.
Being chosen to participate in the IATSS Forum is truly an honor. This will be a life-changing opportunity for me as I will have chance to gain new knowledge and acquire the mindsets required for young leader. Spending 2 months collaborate with great Japanese professors and outstanding fellows from eight other ASEAN countries is a precious experience. It is going to be both exciting and challenging for me. The training programs provide both academic and practical aspects, which will help me better understand about our community. Through seminars and field study, young leaders of ASIA will come up with fresh ideas to design a sustainable community - our 55th IATSS Forum theme. Furthermore, with activities such as homestay and study tour, I can also learn more about the local lifestyle and absorb the Japanese motto. I strongly believe it will shape me become a better leader when i get back after the program.


Impression about Japan

55 days of IATSS Forum made a deep impression on me. The programs provide both academic and practical aspects, which help me better understand about sustainable community. Professors provided us with many updated knowledge. Through seminars and group study, participants came up with fruitful ideas to design our community to become more sustainable - our 55th IATSS Forum theme. The most valuable lessons I learned is that: people is the core of a community and unity through diversity is the key to develop it. In field study, I have many chances to witness the unity in Japan. For example, when The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck in Kobe, all of the sectors help a hand to build up the country. Every Japanese devote themself to make their country a better place. I extremely admire that effort.
Japan is very beautiful, not only the landscape but the people here also. I want to express my deep gratitude to the staff, participants, the volunteers and my host for their support. Day after day, from the first day to the last, I had their warm and thoughtful caring. Every moments in IATSS Forum will be treasured!

Amy from Vietnam