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Ben [56期生(2016年秋)] [インドネシア]



I am extremely excited that it’s now my turn to experience the wonderful program… but at the same time get nervous… Will the programs meet my expectation… Will I be able to meet the expectation of the organizer of this program?
As months turn into weeks and days, I am finally able to stay calm and relax and tell myself “let the movie begins”. Yes, that’s the kind of attitude I always bring to life: a willingness to try something new, to push harder, to climb higher. I have experienced some successes others can only dream about: graduating from one of the finest technological universities in the world, working in 3 different countries, and enjoying some of the finest things in life, some which money can’t buy, and some which money can.
However, I think it’s time for me to reach the new Everest in my life.
I always admire Japan, not only because they are modern, but because, despite their modern life, Japanese still value traditional values. Japanese people are some of the most discipline, hard-working, professional, ethical, and yet astonishingly polite and humble. So… I am looking forward to heart-pounding 2 months in this training and willing to give my 150% everyday.
But first.. sake please 


First of all, I would like to extend my great thanks for an excellent program in IATSS. I learnt a lot during 55 days in Japan.
After coming back to Indonesia, several things have changed. I needed to adapt to my daily life again, but thanks God my business and everything else are still okay 

One thing I start to apply for my life here in Indonesia is attention to detail. I notice Japanese like to pay attention to details. Nothing is too small for Japanese, for example during our IATSS program, IATSS staffs paid attention to details like our meals (including our preference and allergy), our hobbies (when matching with our home parents), etc. That makes me pay attention to details more in my life and my business. Now I even think about whether the condition like room temperature is the best for my employees and my students (I open a school by the way).

As for suggestion for the next batch, I would like to give an advice: be yourself. This advice may sound a bit cliché but I wholeheartedly agree that it is very useful. Learn to accept each and everyone as a unique individual with different skill sets, background, culture, way of thinking, preference, etc. Embrace diversity and try to learn as much as possible about other people including IATSS staffs and fellow participants. Make friends with everyone, do the extra mile, and enjoy everyday in IATSS because a time like this will never come back.
Thank you very much.