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Sina [56期生(2016年秋)] [マレーシア]



Eager anticipation and building enthusiasm bundles up as the upcoming IATSS Forum approaches.
The IATSS Forum is an excellent platform that offers opportunity to polish and improve leadership skills as well as learning from other participants from diverse backgrounds with different set of skills and talent. The coming of IATSS Forum should be the time for all participant to show solidarity, learn to embrace, respect our diversity and strengthen our commitment to build a bridge that unites instead of divide in order to strengthen our common cores.
I’m looking forward to broadening my perspective and deepen my knowledge of Japan’s fundamental modernized structure of development and management in addition to the current global issues in the region. With the interesting programs, seminars and stimulating discussions lined up by the IATSS Forum, I believe this will be an enriching and rewarding experience.
Over the past few decades, Japan has been a significant model of innovation and technological advancement, and I’m looking forward to learning and discovering more from the Japan’s experience at the IATSS Forum.
Last but not least, Japan is known for its beauty and distinguished culture and I’m excited to visit and experience Japan first hand and experience the ‘omotenashi’ that I have heard so much about.