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Sandi [56期生(2016年秋)] [ミャンマー]



Voice before the participation
Warmest greeting from Myanmar to the 56th participant friends and IATSS staff! When I first heard about IATSS forum, I just cannot turn back as it is for leadership program which will help me lead my company in an effective and efficient way. The more I came to know about the forum, the more I realize that it is a multicultural forum with participants coming across ASEAN region. As the forum will be held in Japan, one the strongest countries in Asia, I can also learn Japanese success stories in lecture, field study, home stay and cultural exchange.
Thank you so much IATSS forum committee for giving me the precious chance to join this unique program and to meet new friends. I am sure that I will be a better and stronger leader after the forum and I am going to share this wonderful experiences, contributing to Myanmar’s tourism promotion.
I am keen to explore more of Japan and hopefully, to have more free time. I am counting days and cannot wait to meet you all in person very soon. Let’s think and learn together!
All the best!
Sandi (Su Myat Sandi Oo), Myanmar