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Ken [56期生(2016年秋)] [ベトナム]



Warm greetings from Vietnam to all dear IATSS Staffs and inspiring fellows,
My name is Vu Tuan Anh (Ken). I am Secretary to Vice President of Vietnam Oil & Gas Group (Petrovietnam).

No matter what field we belong to, the importance of young leaders cannot be underestimated. It’s really my honor to be chosen as a member of IATSS forum with these inspiring young leaders across South East Asia countries.
I strong believe that the IATSS Forum Program offers a golden chance for each participant. This program will not only promote cultural exchange but also enhance mutual understanding among us. I would learn many valuable lessons and build the overall picture of ASEAN countries from experiences of my friends who are experts in their fields. Best of all, going through 55 days together, we will form an effective team and tighten the relationship among ASEAN countries and Japan.
Seize this opportunity surely is one of the remarkable achievements in my life, I shall put all my effort in the program and try to apply these lessons I have learnt when I get back.
Can’t wait to see you in Suzuka…
Vu Tuan Anh