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Mickey [56期生(2016年秋)] [ミャンマー]



Hello My IATSS Family!
There is a saying, “Take off your coat before you entered in the room!” According to this quotation, since we have been selected to be the 56th IATSS Forum participants we are united all in one core element. It does not matter whoever we are, wherever we come from, and whatever we do, the most important thing is how we treat each other. As I believe as I mentioned above, I hope my 56th participants will reach our objectives respectively in this forum which is polishing our interpersonal, professional and social skills with mutual understanding and love among ASEAN family and Japan. Mr. IATSS Forum, I cannot wait to see you in beautiful Japan! I am flying to you! Shall we have fun together, learn together and care together! See you soon!


Topic: Useful massage or advice for the up-coming participants, like "do and don't during the IATSS Forum".

The vital message for the next IATSS family members during your 55 days in IATSS Forum is “Spend every single seconds cheerfully” You might take some of the knowledge and experiences you gain from this forum to bring back to your country and apply for your people. At a mean time, you will take your life competency to create a new “You” reborn again in life through this forum as well. Sometimes the forum can be tough and tight for you and I am sure that you are certainly trying to adjust yourself at the beginning to the weather, foods, cultures, diversities, homesickness, and its schedules. However believe and trust me after a couple of days or weeks, you think of yourself a mythical hero who create his own history in the world. It is true that our world nowadays is so competitive and everyone is struggling to meet the ends, among them, some are starving for their education, economic, and political belief, and some are mourning for their dignities, positions, and vanities in a fake world. Meanwhile in IATSS Forum, you have time to stand and stare the beauty of the nature and the people. We sometimes forget to value and appreciate the people around us. But don’t worry, this IATSS Forum will teach you how a friendship is so fresh and juicy and its spirt gives you invisible courage and strength to the rest of your lives. This is a once in a life time guys! Enjoy it!