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Tickgate [56期生(2016年秋)] [ラオス]



Sabaidee (Hello) everyone, my name is Pakaiphet Chansavang, my friend always call me “Tickgate” from Vientiane Capital, Lao. PDR, the day that I’ve heard that I got IATSS scholarship, I was very excited to receive the great opportunity to meet the young professional leadership from many countries in ASEAN and this was my first time to visit the wonderful country like Japan. In addition this, Japan is country where unique of culture, ancestor and amazed people.
The most significant reason that I expected from this Forum is to share the idea, exchange the experience, thinking and learning together with all of them. More than that, spend life time of 55 days learn to know, help each other and be come close friend as well as be a family.

Hopefully IATSS Program will be treasured forever in my life; I will meet more friends from ASEAN countries as well as Japanese who will be warmly host and leading the exchanges
Last but not least, I strongly believe in learning through experience with my high expectation and motivation to refine my leadership qualities, how to contribute ability of teamwork and capabilities to apply toward my current work and country


1. What you have done so far to make your society better since you returned from Japan.

Because Laos is the least developed country in the ASEAN, there are many good things I was able to learn from Japan, especially the valuable culture as well as society that I have never seen before. In order to make use of my experiences gained from the IATSS Forum, I am planning to join and to be a part of International IATSS alumni meeting which will be held on Dec, 2018 together with other people. In addition to this, I have already given a brief presentation on the IATSS Forum’s program to my colleagues at office, in order to let them know the importance of sustainable community as well as the main factor of its theme. During my presentation, I mentioned the significant point of studying in this program such as working as a team as well as the meaning and importance of time at the IATSS Forum, including punctuality and following a plan.

2. Useful message or advice for the up-coming participants, like "do and don't during the IATSS Forum".
 Time management is very important and to you must be on time for seminars
 Team work and pay attention
 Follow the Japanese rules
 Prepare your homework and be ready together with information supported.
 Please bow. It is very important in Japan
 Take your country's food/snackswith you, such as dry food and spicy food and some vitamins, for yourself to eat.

 Don’t get up late
 Don't disturb IATSS’s staff while they are speaking
 Don’t break the rule or do something out of the rule
 Don’t be shy to do something new in Japan especially Onsen
 Don’t be afraid to say “sorry”when you make mistakes