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Champ [56期生(2016年秋)] [タイ]



‘Sa-Wad-Dee Krub’ is a greeting voice from Thailand. I am Putangoon Hoonsadee and you can call me ‘Champ’ – which came from Champion ^_^. It is a great chance and marvelous opportunity for me to be part of IATSS Forum batch#56 which is about to start in September, 2016. This is my first time to Japan and I’m really excited.
I am looking forward to meet you Japan – all participants, staffs, friends, and Japanese ways of life including travelling to ‘World Class’ Japanese tourist attractions. Japan is well-known as one of the most civilized nation in the world and I really wish to learn how Japanese build their nation from the ashes to become a leading country of the world. Furthermore, I also want to think, share, learn and grow with my colleague from ASEAN countries as a motto ‘Unity among diversity’.
Lastly, I would like to Thank you IATSS Forum committee, both in Thailand and in Japan for giving me this great opportunity and honor. As a Thai representative and ambassador, I do intend to fully cooperate and use all my capacity and ability participating in the program. And I wish 58 days in Japan will be a memorable time in my life.