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Bee [57期生(2017年春)] [ラオス]



My Expectation on the IATSS

My name is Inthiphone MANIPOUN (Bee) from Lao PDR. I work as a director of Phatthana Doit Agriculture Company, which locate in Vientiane capital. I am very honored to be selected to join the IATSS Forum in Japan. I feel very exciting that I am going to meet new friends from many countries and in Japan as well. I will do my best to participate in learning and thinking together with another participants through the various programs at the IATSS Forum provided, and I believe that we are going to make a network with each other in the future. Moreover, participants from different country should have a different background and experience, I am going to learn a new culture and share experience from them. In an addition, this is my first time that I am going to visit and stay in Japan, I heard that Japanese people is very friendly and polite. I am very exciting that I am going to see and learn about Japanese culture by myself, this would be one of the most important memory and experience in my life and I will never forget.
I am looking forward to you and meet with everybody soon.


Hello everyone,

Unbelievable it is already 6 weeks that I was back from IATSS Forum and Japan. I always remember every single times while I was in the training program with all participants and IATSS staff, time flied so fast and we still want to have more time to live together in Japan.

After this training I have learnt a lot of new things and also exchanged experiences with all of my friends who from ASEAN countries. I really fall in love of Japan because of Japanese people is very kind, friendly and work hard. Japanese food also awesome for me, I enjoy a lot of various foods while I was living in Japan.

In this training also gave us an opportunity to work together and learning together with people from different countries and everybody came with very awesome idea. All of us were working very hard to make our project to be the best for team, some members did not sleep for a couple days for support team.

Finally, I just want to say that I am missing these good time very much, its like we are one family that living together, learn together, have fun together, accept mistake and sometimes we have a little conflict to each other. Everything was great and it will be in my memory forever.

With love from me (Bee) to all my friends, IATSS Staff and Japan.

I hope to see everybody again soon.