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Off [57期生(2017年春)] [タイ]



Greeting from Thailand,

My name is Natapol Thongplew, a Thai participant in the 57th IATSS Forum. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the IATSS committees and staffs for selecting me to join this unique program. This program offers a variety of activities for shaping ones to be leaders of globalizing world. I am excited to join this training program and meet other representatives from ASEAN countries. I have been to Japan a few times and have been fascinated by the advancement and the culture of the country. I am really excited and cannot wait to visit the country again to experience interesting lectures, field studies, group works, and cultural exchange activities offered in this training program.
To contribute to the program, I will try to do my best by being well-prepared and actively engaging in all activities. I hope that I can learn more from this program and my participation could benefit other participants as well. Last but not least, I do hope that experience and knowledge that I will learn from this program can be used in the future to positively benefit the organization that I work for and the country.

Looking forwards to joining the program!


Greeting from Thailand,
My name is Natapol Thongplew (Off), a Thai participant in the 57th IATSS Forum. I would like to share my impression on the IATSS Forum Leadership Training. The training is the most practical training that I have attended. It is intense and engaging! What do I mean by “intense” and “engaging”? The training contains a day full of thoughtful activities for a period of almost 2 months. The training was carefully designed to engage all participants in “Learning Together” for improving soft skills and for promoting the concept of sustainability. The training and its designed activities are really practical and applicable for personal and professional life!
Next to the usefulness of this training, daily life in Japan is filled with many impressions. Getting to know new friends from different cultures and countries creates long-lasting memories and friendship. IATSS Forum staffs are so kind and caring as they are willing to help all participants in every ways possible. Japanese people and society also set many good examples, in terms of sustainability, discipline, hospitality, and thoughtfulness. In sum, this one-of-a-kind leadership training is a wonderful experience for learning and growing. Thank you so much IATSS Forum for organizing this training!