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Melisa [57期生(2017年春)] [ベトナム]



With my personal profile statement as “Life Is Depend On Luck, and Luck Depends On You” by Heaven Ibrahim Khan, I myself access life as a discovery and an effort.

Taking CNN Journalism Fellowship in 2009, I am now a Deputy Manager of Politics-News-General Affairs Department of VOV Television Channel. I was a Manager of International Department of Vietnam National Assembly TV Channel for two years before rotating to the present position. I also had some years working for Multimedia Corporation (VTC) since graduating from University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), Vietnam National University (VNU) in 2005.

When studying English in ULIS, I had two years learning Japanese, that makes me to be attracted and admired by what Japanese people and country have done. Therefore, to be a participant of IATSS Forum inspires me to discover about the country I love but have not a chance to visit yet.

Through the images of Japanese people, lifestyle and management, it should be a model for my application of leadership, which is an ability to maximize my colleagues’ potential. Understanding the motto of the forum of “Thinking and learning together” make me have a comprehensive look at the real value of my organization, which is the power of the union. All of that are what I called “beyond price” experiences.


My impression of Japan or Forum
About 1 month….from the time I came back to Vietnam from taking part in IATSS Forum for 2 months in Japan. How difficult it is to talk about how such time has impact on me. Every time I go out with my friends, I always look around and find how the trash bins are in Hanoi. The reason is that I am a part of “Warriors” Team, whose final topic for presentation is about “Up-cycling Project” and how the waste management is in Southeast Asia. From that moment on, I am trying to figure out the relation between our project in Japan and the real life in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is quite difficult to compare between the waste management in Japan and Vietnam. I know, we have many things to learn, but at least, I suppose to make a change in attitude, at least with me. More than that, I also remind me of the way Japanese people keeping the surrounding environment as clean as possible, especially 3R when having meals. And now in Vietnam, I want to self-serve too 