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Ridha [59期生(2018年春)] [マレーシア]




Ar Ridha Razak:
Reflecting back to the initial days of my application, I had put a lot of goals towards my journey in IATSS Forum. I thank the IATSS Forum staff for designing an unbelievable content that tackles all areas from personal development, exposure to culture and important learning’s to be aware of sustainability in almost totality form. It’s truly surpasses what I expected from the program.
Throughout the 55 days I had learn many things from improving my personal skills to experiencing the hands-on culture of Japanese and the enrichment of knowledge by the exciting professors selected by IATSS. I am amaze by how the IATSS program has been design to the utmost intricacy and that the level commitment of staff to participant from day 1 to end is truly astonishing. There are too many positive things that I had learnt from the forum and that I will put the learning to good use in Malaysia.
Coming to Japan is a dream come true, let a long being put with 19 wonderful comrades from different nationality, back ground and disciplines. For me, it is an opportunity of a lifetime to not only make new friends but learn more on how to become an International leader. When I first arrived, I questioned myself whether if it’s worthwhile to leave my family and businesses to be part of this program? And without a single doubt, I felt that it is not only worthwhile but an experience worth cherishing forever. The love and affections by new founded brothers and sisters which I have not felt since high school tinkle back in the mind.

Throughout the program, I felt that my level of discipline has been elevated to the next level. I miss the days of punctuality and this is the sanctuary that I have awaited since my Australian university days. What I respect most about the IF59th is the level of punctuality, supportiveness towards peers, unity and sportingness of each participant. I shall miss them all. With the above experience I am truly grateful and fulfilled. Arigatogozaimas.