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Phallin [59期生(2018年春)] [カンボジア]




When I was asked to write “Voice before participation”, my feeling was very happy and
looking forward to join the program even though I would be a way from my family.
However, I got different feeling when I was asking to write this “Voice after participation”.
And that feeling is “Miss”. I miss everyone and every single moment during the program.
Looking back to that time, it was more than I expected and it was a very precious moment
for me. Even though we were busy with learning but we also had a lot of fun together. And
Life during the program became my comfort zone. It was the moment that I feel no worries
about what would happen tomorrow. Everything was well organized including our daily
food. These feeling happen because of supper awesome IATSS Forum staff. I could say that
staff and participants were like parents and children. They were very supportive and care us
very much. Ah, but I feel homesick sometime since it was the first time for me to be abroad
for this long J.
Two months was not a long period but I had gained a lot of knowledge and experiences
from the program and also from my friends that came from various countries. The content
and practice were balancing very well. All professors, lecturers, and guests were very
experience and professional. Leadership was not taught only through theory but also
through real practice. I also learned about the role of leaders in building sustainable and
resilience community. And yes I have no wonder anymore what is Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs). In addition, I got more understanding of how business could contribute to
SDG. This make me more interesting in social business even more. I also understood more
about ASEAN and Japan culture. Moreover, a bit special for our batch that there were two
Indian participants join as well.
Talking a lot about learning points so let move to some funny things. This is the first time for
me to have solo trip abroad. Getting lost so often could help me know how to survive :D.
When you travel alone, you will know how kind Japanese people are. Last but not least is
Onsen (hot spring) experience that I never knew before :D
Now It has been 40 days already after I left Japan. I can say that I am IATSS Forum sick L. I
miss all the moments that I went through. I miss all the people that I knew, miss all the
places that I went to. However, I hope to see them again in the future and update them of
how this program and valuable experience have contributed to my future life.