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Waldo [60期生(2018年秋)] [インドネシア]



I bought a book titled “Driving Honda” by Jeffrey Rothfeder last year. I love one of the chapter named “Honda Innovation Machine”. It mentions that one of Honda’s key success is Monozukuri. Mono means product, while Zukuri means the process or production. The combination of Monozukuri with Honda Way, that developed by Soichiro Honda, drives Honda become one of the most innovative company in the world.

I am sure that IATSS Forum is a great opportunity for me to learn not only leadership, but also Japan management system, including monozukuri itself and the Japan famous theory, Kaizen. It would be also the answer for my personal development mission; to have international leadership class experience to strengthen my background in Management and also to broaden my network globally. Hopefully the 2-months program can capture all of it. ?

I am so glad to be selected to join the 60th IATSS Forum program and look forward to meeting all the participants. This will be my first time to go to Japan, and I do believe it will become an awesome journey.

Can't wait to see all of you in Japan!

Ewaldo Reis Amaral


I hope someday, we’ll sit down together

And laugh with each other, about these days, these days

(Rudimental – These Days)

Ichi go ichi e.

2 months in the IATSS Forum will never be happened again. Once in a life time experience.

I would like to say thank you to all the staff members who managed the forum very well. I was impressed on how every activities were arranged with high attention on detail. Subarashii!!

I would like to say thank you to all the lecturers, especially professors: Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Fumihiko Adachi, Patricia Fister, Yuchi Honjo, Hye-Sook Park, Yoshiharu Tsuboi, Kazuo Matsushita, Yuto Kitamura, and Katsutoshi Hota. It was a priceless moment to listen and learn from them in this forum.

Also, a big thank you for all the volunteers who always positive and cheerful. Their support for us in this forum was memorable.

My last thank you will be for all my fellow participants: Kat & Tiger (Cambodia), Dedy (Indonesia), Nouy & Sy (Laos), Wanxin and Naeim (Malaysia), Chit & Soe (Myanmar), Dulce & John (Philippines), Atikah & Zhen (Singapore), Ebb & Faye (Thailand), Quy & Le (Vietnam), and Kohei (Japan). All the memories with you, as our song said, it will be printed in my heart forever.

I would say that got selected in the IATSS Forum is like entering a forest. We come from different routes and meet each other in the entrance gate of the IATSS Forum forest. In the forest, we have our own tent. Sometimes we love to gather in a bigger tent to having fun together until mid-night – play pingpong, singing songs, having small talk, etc. In the morning we have to attend a seminar in the main tent and do our main jobs: actively participate and asking questions. Also, there was a time when we have to explore the forest. Some people love to do it individually, some of us want to do it in a group.

In the mid of November, we have reached the finish line of the forest exploration. This is the time when we have to go back to our real world, and it is our task now to implement what we have learned in the past 2 months…

Thank you Soichiro Honda, Thank you IATSS Forum!

Ewaldo Amaral, signing out…

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes
a memory…
(Dr. Suess)