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John [60期生(2018年秋)] [フィリピン]



Hello everyone,
I am John Michael Cabuguason of Philippines.
Thank you for the opportunity to reflect before the start of the program.

“Working Together” has always been my guiding principle. Since the early college days, I have sought out various academic and sociocultural organizations in the University which I deemed necessary not only for my survival but also my growth. I have always believed that a group that can climb the barriers of wealth, region, creed and prejudice predicated on sympathy, understanding, friendship and equality can lead to greater heights. In my pursuit to a sustainable rural development in my area, I always inject the values of “working together” to attain our goals.

The IATTS Forum gives me a whole new ecstatic feeling. I can’t wait to meet the young and future leaders of other ASEAN countries and hear the stories, experiences, and knowledge they bring. I am more thrilled to see the results of the forum and how a collection of bright minds can lead to greater understanding of the current situation of the region.

I am proud and humbled to be part of this prestigious Forum. I will carefully prepare, contribute the necessary inputs, share our country’s pride BUT will always keep an appreciative mind and positive perspective.

Excited to see everybody soon.


John Michael F. Cabuguason