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Quy [60期生(2018年秋)] [ベトナム]



To Iatss – Voices of fellow Batch 60

A greeting from Vietnam, my name is Quy. My current job is to lead the program for an international non-governmental organization rescuing children in crisis in Vietnam. I have ten years experience on working with development sectors on social rights of rural poor in central of Vietnam.
I was very happy and felt proud to be selected for the IATSS Forum in 2018. This is not only a great opportunity for me to improve my skills and develop my career, but it is also a precious chance to help me learn and exchange experiences with other participants in different fields. Especially; living and working together will help us understand each other better, explore the culture of Japan and Southeast Asian countries to respect and love the diversity that we have.
I am really excited and look forward to meeting you all. It will be a great time for us to think and learn together. I am convinced that 55 days of the program is the beginning of the long-term friendship of all fellows in the IATSS Batch 60th. After step out of the program, we will continue to keeping contact with each other, no matter where we are and what we do, we will cooperate together for the common prosperity of Asia.
See you all in Suzuka! Arigato!!!


Fifty-five days at IATSS Forum is a wonderful journey to me. On every single day, I always feel very lucky to be selected and attended the Forum. As you know, the main purpose of the IATSS Forum is to improve the leadership skills for participants, but this forum has a unique way to equip it for you. This forum has 3 "No": no school, no score and no judgement on right or wrong. The forum simply gives every member a safe environment so that you can better understand yourself, get to know each others, and find your own answer to develop your leadership skills, expertise and help your community. In addition, you have the great opportunity to connect with friends from many different countries to increase the interpersonal skills. You will live in a variety of cultures, languages and personalities. Two months at the IATSS Forum was a memorable milestone in my life, and it was the beginning of my long friendship with wonderful friends in across Asia. Let's come, study, share and experience you will surely have valued lessons and worthwhile memories in Suzuka.
IATSS Forum Subarashi!:)