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Belle [61期生(2019年春)] [タイ]



Hello from Thailand. My name is Hathaiphat Terasarun or Belle. I work as Business Development Supervisor for Yamamori Trading Co., Ltd. and also a researcher (Food Technologist)
for Yamamori R&D Center.
Firstly, I would like to give my appreciation to IATSS Forum committees for giving me the great opportunity and to the generousness of my Japanese boss for letting me join the Forum.
To be honest, after I studied all the 61st IATSS Forum Program under the theme study of “Sustainable Community Design”, I was nervous at the first place because most topics in the program are not in my field and I am afraid I may not be good enough to be the representative of Thailand. Then, I think about the motto of the Forum "Thinking and Learning Together" and also the aim of bringing out the best qualities in individuals, so, my feeling was changed to be excited because I strongly believe that my ability will be totally stepped up to another level after finish 55-day program. In addition, personally, I am impressed in the global goals of “Sustainable Development” but I still has not much idea to achieve those goals. I, as an employee of a private sector and a member of the world, aim to utilize the knowledge obtained from the Forum for contributing to the global goals as much as I can. Yamamori is a Japanese food company which parent company is located in Japan. Even I have been working for Japanese company more than 4 years, I still eager to learn more and more about Japanese culture during “Culture Exchange Activities” together with getting to know my neighbor countries throughout ASEAN.
Lastly, I would like to give a promise that I will dedicate all of my knowledge and experience to the Forum for making the 61st batch to be meaningful.


Being a part of the 61st batch IATSS Forum give me a wonderful and unforgettable lifetime experience. The program is much beyond my expectation. I am very impressed in the varieties of activity provided which lead me to improve myself and widen my perspective in various aspects. IATSS Forum allowed me to make mistakes, do trials and errors and also encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone with kind support from the staff and all fantastic co-participants. I know myself better, both strength and weakness, and know what kind of a leader I should be.
Throughout 55 days, the motto of “Thinking and Learning Together” linked all participants to become long-lasting friends. I have never experienced any program that make me feel close to the other participants like this before. Being friend with ASEAN & Indian participant is not only personal but also national. This program creates the sense of ownership for all ASEAN & Indian countries to me. Moreover, in order to make our world be sustainable, we have to do it together.
It has been almost 2 months since I came back from Japan. I have shared my experience and takeaways from IATSS Forum to people around me, told them how fantastic and unique the Forum is and can feel that most of them are inspired and interested to apply for the program.   
Finally, this program would not be memorable without the IATSS staff. I am really appreciated how staff took care of us. The longer I stayed in Japan, the more I felt IATSS is my home. No word can describe how thankful I am to everything they have done for us. Big thanks to all amazing staff once again.   
Thank you