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Gloria [61期生(2019年春)] [インドネシア]



Hi Everybody, my name is Gloria Morgen, I’m from Indonesia.
I feel I am very lucky to be chosen in IATSS Forum 2019. The program is very cool and well prepared. I have read the schedule of this program and I am amazed how the committee has arranged all the activities so interesting and fun. They can combine a lot of outdoor and indoor activities, serious and fun events and give space for us to explore Japan by ourselves.
The best part of IATSS Forum is that we can discuss and find solution with other participants from many countries in ASEAN, India and Japan. We can learn to understand other perspective and know their current countries’ issue. Really, I can’t wait to discuss more about leadership, politics, international relations, environment, economics, and Japan History together with them.
I hope this valuable experience, knowledge and networking can widen our horizon so that we can collaborate more in the future. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Through IATSS Forum, I can feel the real meaning of equality. Before that, I just know equality in theory. Thanks to Ishii-San, one of the staff of IATSS Forum who has successfully showed me the essential meaning equality. He treats every participant equally. He can be strict to us and can also be very caring as a father. He doesn’t give special treatment to the smartest participant, never treat his own mentees as special participants and put his ego behind just for the sake of caring certain participants who have the same character with him. He loves everyone equally. And you know, all the participants love him completely. We look up and respect him as the role model.

In this forum, I had the chance to meet participants from other countries. In the beginning, I can say that some of them were very selfish, rude, and like to talk about others behind their backs, loved to underestimate other participants, always wanted to be the center and never gave the chance to other participants to share their opinions. In short, they were very impolite. But of course, there was the positive side of them, they were very confident and smart. But actually, everyone is smart in his own field.

Smart only is never enough to become a great leader. How come you can solve problems in the world if you are very negative and could not love people. Impossible. They don’t have the qualities to be International leaders needed nowadays.

But, surprisingly, after 55 days in IATSS Forum, they could change their characters. They tried to adjust their characters to other participants. I can say there is a wonderful help from IATSS Staffs to change the participants’ characters. In the last day, we change into International leaders who are ready to give positive impact to our home countries. Unbelievable!

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude Thanks God for the great chance given. I have learned a lot in 55 days in IATSS Forum. It was a very amazing trip in my life. I hope one day we will cross paths again. Now, welcome to the real world!

Gloria Morgen