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Ko [61期生(2019年春)] [ラオス]



Hello everyone,
My name is Phonephet MANICHITH (my nick name is “Ko”). It is my honor to be selected as a participant of the 61st batch at IATSS Forum. I am very excited to meet participants, lecturers and Japanese people in Japan. I have had a dream to be a student at any university or trainee in Japan since I was a student at university in Laos. Thus, this is the great opportunity for me to do what I wish and learn good and valuable experience from all participants there.
I would like to discuss and find solution with other participants about leadership, politics, international relations, economics, etc. I really want to learn and understand more about young Asian professionals and their cultures. I believe that the leadership training can provide opportunities to all participant understanding about other countries via seminars, group study and cultural exchanges. IATSS Forum is well prepared program and it can provide the best place for participants to meet and exchange leadership style with other professionals.
After finishing this training, I hope that we can apply valuable experience, leadership, knowledge and connection gained from IASST Forum into our real life. In addition, I would like to exchange leadership skills to my colleague and other young people. I strongly believe all of them having high potential competency, but they just need someone to see and bring it out.
Looking forward to seeing you all!
Best regards,