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OT [62期生(2019年秋)] [ミャンマー]



Min Ga Lar Bar!!!! Greeting from Myanmar (also known as Golden land)
I am Aung, as a representative of Myanmar for 62nd batch of IATSS Forum. I could grab valuable chance then after I tried for two years ago. I wait very long period to arrive these day. But, now it is in my hand that make me to take more responsibility to find out myself and how to leverage for my country with my little effort by learning through the whole program with talented staffs, smarted-ASEAN youth, Respectful-Professors, Impressive to imitate Japanese culture, habits, attitude and nature of their fundamental spirit that I could have chance to be with.
As I ever hear and see frequently; "Thinking and Learning Together", "Feel it yourself" and "Discuss and Take action with your team" real meaning just start melt in my heart and soul since my name was called till we are preparing assignments with my team, also my sister, Ms. Aye Aye Phyo.
Every single step makes feel more exhaust if alone, but combining altogether to achieve the good result, that mean how can multiply more efficiently and effectively for us during preparation assignments, and also along the program and after it definitely.
I strongly believe all participants can get wonderful knowledge from this program. In my return journey, my bags will turn much over kilos full with knowledge, techniques, exchanged-experience, friendship, role-model of spirit, behavior and attitude, and loving-kindness through these 55days with unforgettable people.
May all the staffs, volunteers, participants and families receive healthy and happy!
I am ready to join with enthusiastically.
Thank you ( Kyay Zu Tin Bar Tal )
Tun Aung Kyaw @ Oliver Tun


Kon Ni Chi Wa, Mingalarbar and Hello to all with winter breeze from Golden Land!!!

This IATSS Forum is such a huge investment and trust on youth who have potential by filtering through many steps since application to the end.
I analysis that the program design is so concrete and compact with well-structure by tailoring the most nearest need of 21st century youth to leverage soft skill. In addition, the main element of this program consists of SDGs, Environment, Politics, Education, Modernization, Urban Planning, OVOP, Culture Preservation and Philosophy which we can see the holistic view. And also, combining with diverse background and culture with element that we could wellunderstand to form the type of collaborative leader along these 55 days.

It was not just only in classroom but also in the digital detoxification, field trips, Indoor and Outdoor activities and individual planning days. The moment I stayed in Japan, it starts me to be more understanding and value to other people perspectives, actions what they act and how I should collaborate and support by fulfilling one’s need from other’s strength to moving forward to achieve the goal. Importantly, I could taste the beautiful Japan, ASEAN and India culture along the journey forum. Again, I had a good enough time to reflect myself and I had a great chance to give a space for other people’s feeling and perspective by active listening instead of human beings ego, how I am always right. Honestly, the detail I worked in my daily routine is still need to be a specific that I could learn by working together with diverse background of my fellow through.

As nature of human beings, people feel so proud when they achieve it. When failures come that turns to give up. From this forum, I could observe it is just a matter to keep tracking by trying and never giving up through every single our goals even we meet failures or successes. Energy flows into my heart after knowing the power of dream of Honda and also learning through multiple ways from my fellows. Every participants showed how they well-prepared through from their presentations. I was so grateful to meet with diverse participants who are from different background. I could learn that strongly enough to exposure the type of leaderships and how to utilize in different situation effectively.

I feel so proud to be a part of this IATSS forum during and after. Now, I became alumni of IATSS, I will keep learning, collaboration borderless and ready to contribute in future activities of IATSS. In the mean times, I am ready to share my experience and support upcoming batches. It tunes me what should I do and where should I go in near future. Even single minutes make me still remember and as a motto of “Thinking and Learning Together”. I spent in Japan is such a memorial moment in my life this time.
Even the time flies, the physical appearance can be changed but part of my heart already occupied by Suzuka, Japan forever.

3 … 2…. 1……“一期一会” (ichi go ichi e) “Once in a life time”.

Tun Aung Kyaw @ OT (Oliver Tun) 62nd Batch IATSS
From Myanmar