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Julian [62期生(2019年秋)] [インドネシア]



Halo, apa kabar?

Greeting from Indonesia!!!

My name is Juliyanto (call me Julian) and I am really grateful for this rare opportunity to be part of IATSS forum batch 62. Honestly, I might have used a great amount of luck to be selected on it. I know the other participants are highly capable person in their own way, so I can’t wait to learn a lot from their skills and experiences.

A top of that, I am really amazed with Committee’s preparation and quick support. This is my first time to see a such well planned Forum and they even care to customized participants’ meal according to several aspects (you will know later, so please register for the next batch ?). When I wrote that I have allergy of cold such as if I eat ice cream, one committee ask me further about the detail. My mom later said that IATSS committee might even put more care to my health than herself ?. It is really an awesome treatment.

This would be my second time to Japan. Last time, I am really impressed with the environment cleanliness, people politeness and ethics. I wonder if I could brought some good system to be implemented in Indonesia, at least for the cleanliness aspect. Anyway, the theme for this forum is very interesting and important (Sustainable development for designing a sustainable society). As we face many issue in several aspects, we need to keep asking ourselves on how to fix and make things better, at least act for our good without harming the others. Hopefully, we the participants could find the root causes of some issue deeper and gain insights on how to solve the society issue to attain sustainable community development. I am looking forward for it.

Then, see you all in Japan.


"Hi, Konichiwa from Indonesia.?"

IATSS Forum is without doubt the best leadership program I have ever had. First, the forum staffs worked so hard on our daily schedule details.
They used to tell us to take a rest, don’t work too hard.
But from what I see, the staffs always (or very often) worked until past 10 pm to make sure the successful of this forum. Their hard work, care, and discipline are appreciated by participants.
I think all participants do learn something from the staffs’ work ethic, therefore we could meet this forum’s expectations.

The program is well constructed and make participants to think and learn well. By having seminar, field study, cultural exchange and case study in sustainable community design one by one simultaneously, it challenged participants to open their mind and see from a broader perspective.

Additional things that make this forum wonderful is volunteers and host family. They heartfeltly introduce Japanese culture and daily life to us so we could understand Japan more than just read it from books or articles. Each of their sharing contain deep philosophy and that is the beauty of Japanese culture. Experiences with host family also create a strong bond and I value them as my own family.

Last, the biggest gift from this forum is fellow participants that become my brothers and sisters. We truly grow our personal development through cross cultural collaboration and enhance our leadership to achieve the next goal for sustainability community.
I am so proud to see all of us are going to tackle daily life issues like plastic waste, organic waste, and mental health. On our last day, I could see how deep our bond is.We will maintain a good communication and in the future we will meet again for a good cause."