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Quoc [62期生(2019年秋)] [ベトナム]



Hello everybody.

First of all, It is a great pleasure to be selected as a participant of the 62nd IATSS Forum. Words cannot express how honored and thrilled I am right now and I actually keep counting day by day to the journey where I can meet all of you - outstanding people from ASEAN and other countries. This is also my first time going to Japan - the mysterious country that I knew from Anime and manga from my childhood.

A little bit about myself, my full name is Anh (but you can call me Quoc-san from now on) from Vietnam. I am now working as a lecturer in Development Studies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Vietnam National University in Vietnam. You can also find me as a social, kind and enthusiastic person

Being here at the IATSS Forum together, I strongly believe that we all share kind of the same expectation of co-enhance our knowledge, our network, and most important, our leadership capability as a change maker – that is in line with the motto of IATSS Forum.

Hopefully, we will have a great time together in Japan

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon


"Hello everybody. 

Undoubtably,  the IATSS Forum is a positive life-changing experience that everyone should try. What you can bring back home are not only SDGs and diverse perspectives of the Japanese “essences “  through well-organized activities but also a precious chance to self-reflection and practice your leadership ability. Moreover,  perhaps what most of us, the 62nd Batch participants, value the most is our long-life friendship and international alumni network