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Sophy [62期生(2019年秋)] [カンボジア]




I am really touched by this program because it is not only about leadership program, but it is also about humanity.
We have learned to be the global citizens; we come together to solve the problems regardless of nationality and bordering. I have learnt from both lectures with fully experienced professors and best practices from the field studies that I believe it will help me to contribute back to society and the world.
I used to be a girl who is so serious and is always right. I do not care whoever you are if you break the rule or cross the line, you will never gain the respect from me. I used to be a person who does not accept any idea if it is not logical enough. I used to think inspired leader should be the one who can persuade others to follow own ideas with facts and confidence.
What has changed me the most is seeing the value of things that cannot be measured my money like kindness, caring, and friendship. I am deeply thankful and blessed for amazing friends from ASEAN + Japan + India in this journey who support me, uplift me, and bring joy to my soul.
IATSS forum has positively changed me in the way that I never expect to be, and I will never be able to put into words how grateful I am to have participated this program. Whenever I flash back to the memories, it always makes me cry tears of joy