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Lydia [54期生(2015年秋)] [カンボジア]





Hello fellow participants of 55th Batch. Welcome to the family of IATSS Forum and congratulations for your new exciting journey. My name is Von Sreymao (Lydia), 54th Batch participant from Cambodia. Joining IATSS Forum was one of my best experiences in life. I was amazed by how the program guided me to learn so many aspects of leadership and sustainable developement through practical experiences and a real-time conversations with practitioners, professors, experts and my professional fellow participants. I would say it’s a pack of various kinds of nutritions which help you streangten your weaknesses and broaden your knowledge. What’s more, you will make wonderful friends across ASEAN countries and you will always have a reason to visit these countries over times. :)

IATSS Forum’s program is fun yet very intensive. My advice to you is it’s crucial that you go through all the preparation guidelines, complete all the assigned works, and read all documents provided for your background knowledge before you leave to Japan. To maximize your learning during the program, you need to be in presence, getting all of your attention, emotion, mind and thought into the learning process. IATSS Forum is an independent learning platform; you will need to learn amongst your fellow participants. Being grouped with a people from diversity backgrounds is a challenge, yet a unique learning opportunity.

A true leader is the one who could adapt and communicate with different characters and personalities. It’s your chance to prove your leadership skills and discover your weaknesses. Observe and balance your talking-listening time, then you will understand others and most importantly your inner self.

I wish you all a great journey ahead.