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Sihan [54期生(2015年秋)] [シンガポール]



1年と少し前にIATSSフォーラムのことをいとこから聞きました。(彼は51回研修生Ben Gohさんのいとこです。) 彼の学びや日本での滞在について聞いてとても楽しくなりました。こんなことは私やIATSSフォーラムに参加する他の研修生にとって貴重な機会です。これからやって来る59日間、一緒に研修に取り組むことは学びの旅であり、全員にとって人生で一度きりの経験だと思います。


Hihi 55th Batch. IATSS Forum is a unique and eye opening programme which you must appreciate it. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity where you get to meet different people from different county and background.
During the forum you will get to communicate and work with friends you meet during the forum. You will learn that trying to get a group consensus is not easy, as everybody will have their idea and way of working. Some will be willing to accept and some will not accept any idea easily and continue to push for their idea. End of the day is about learning to work together, achieve better idea and greater height together in a group.
Before going for the forum, most important you must have an open mindset, willing to accept challenges, try out different thing and many more (find out during the programme). There will be no fun and not interesting if i say too much.
Physically do try to lose weight before going to the forum. You will gain weight instead of losing during the forum. During the forum you always get to eat tasty food that is hard to resists.
Enjoy your 55th batch programme and do remember not leave Japan with any regret when the programme ends, so you remember to live everyday to the fullest during your time there.