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Tarn [54期生(2015年秋)] [タイ]



IATSSフォーラムという人生の旅に参加することができ、またIATSSファミリーの一員となれたことを誇りに思っています。私の名前はRatchada Arpornsilpです。Tarnと呼んでください。


My impression of IATSS Forum is grounded on a combination of learning exposures with the balance of theme study, general seminars, group discussion, group study, field visits, team building and cultural exchange activities. The training program at IATSS Forum is unique in a way that it employs an experiential and individualistic approach for leadership development in which each participant can progress at his or her own pace and initiative. Also an emphasis on leadership qualities and attitudes that can mobilize and maximize the use of team’s efforts and capacities to achieve the common and collaborative goal which is the foundational philosophy of IATSS Forum is highly compatible in dealing with the emerging global and regional challenges.
I am greatly impressed with the organization and arrangements of the whole IATSS Forum period, in particular the efforts of all staff members and professors. Moreover, IATSS Forum gave me a chance to see Japan as a society and as a country in different light, contrasted with perhaps a previously romanticized view.
Participating in the IATSS Forum put the physical and mental challenge on me too with regards to the tight schedule and travelling requirements. Towards the end of the program when we had group study and reports, this caused a lot of stress and tensions for everyone. It is important to manage the time effectively from the outset of the program, balancing the social activities and tangible commitments. In preparation for IATSS Forum, try to be as open as possible to new perspectives and make the best attempt to step out of your comfort zone. Be ready to make many mistakes and reflect upon them so that you can grow bit by bit. With that, you can take concrete lessons back home, having renewed discovery, understanding, and perception about yourselves and your character. Good luck and have fun!!!