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Good [54期生(2015年秋)] [タイ]





Hello all 55th IATSS participants. My name is Good, a 54th batch IATSS Forum participant from Thailand. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on being selected as a 55th batch participant of IATSS Forum. I know that you are waiting for joining this program in May. You might wonder what this program will be. Do not worry. I believe that you will receive the wonderful experience from this 2-month program.
However, to enjoy your time during the program, I suggest you to prepare yourself before going to Japan. You might have no idea what to do before going there, so let me share you some important things you have to do before flying to Japan. First, please open be open-minded. In your country, you might be cream of the crop, but it is nothing for the program. In this program, everyone is equal. You have learn about respecting your friends even they have different views comparing to your view. Also, this program will teach you about diversity. You will have a chance to learn from other participants who have different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, customs, etc. Therefore, you will learn more when you open your mind to learn from and respect to other people.
Second, please prepare yourself to deal with conflicts. When you stay and work with your friends who have different backgrounds, it is easy to have conflicts. If you can handle conflicts and your emotion well, you will enjoy your time in Japan more.
Lastly, please be self-discipline. You will be very busy when you are in Japan. There are so many things you have to do, both group activities and personal homework. Moreover, some of you might need time to spend with your family or your own business in your country. In addition, you will be assigned to do a group project in the last two week. Thus, please manage your time well and do not procrastinate.

To sum up, this program is one of the best leadership training program I have ever participated. To benefit more from the program and enjoy your time there, please prepare yourself well. I believe you will a terrific moment in Japan. Good luck and enjoy.