The Cancellation of the IATSS Forum Fall Batch (September to November 2020)

We regret to announce that the 63rd IATSS Forum, scheduled from September to November 2020, has been canceled for the following reasons.

  1. According to the Immigration Services Agency, currently foreign nationals from certain countries including India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia are subject to denial of landing.
  2. Under the current measures by the Japanese government, any individual who lands in Japan, regardless of nationality, must undergo a 14-day period of self-isolation.
  3. Upon the completion of the program in Japan, there is a risk of traveling restrictions back to respective countries from Japan, such as refusal of aircraft landings, denial of landing, facility quarantines and so on.
  4. There is always the possibility of another wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Japan, under the current circumstance.


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Welcome aboard Amano-san ! Sep 3, 2019

Hello everyone.

My name is Michisuke Amano. I have been assigned to this post as a successor of Mr. Uekusa, the former General Manager of the IATSS Forum from 1st of August.

I feel a sense of big responsibility to be the General Manager of the IATSS Forum, which has served as a place for nurturing promising young professionals.

In order to carry out a very high level of training according to the changing in times and social environment. We will focus on further refining the young and excellent talent of each ASEAN country. I feel that it is important to sense the changes in the surrounding area as we move forward.

Keeping in mind the IATSS Forum motto, “Thinking and Learning Together”, I have determined myself that I will contribute to the constant evolution of the IATSS Forum.

For those of you who have supported the IATSS Forum for years, I would like to ask for your continuous support and cooperation.