Welcome aboard Amano-san !

Hello everyone.

My name is Michisuke Amano. I have been assigned to this post as a successor of Mr. Uekusa, the former General Manager of the IATSS Forum from 1st of August.

I feel a sense of big responsibility to be the General Manager of the IATSS Forum, which has served as a place for nurturing promising young professionals.

In order to carry out a very high level of training according to the changing in times and social environment. We will focus on further refining the young and excellent talent of each ASEAN country. I feel that it is important to sense the changes in the surrounding area as we move forward.

Keeping in mind the IATSS Forum motto, “Thinking and Learning Together”, I have determined myself that I will contribute to the constant evolution of the IATSS Forum.

For those of you who have supported the IATSS Forum for years, I would like to ask for your continuous support and cooperation.