The Cancellation of the IATSS Forum Spring Batch (May to July 2020)

We regret to announce that the 63rd IATSS Forum, scheduled from May to July 2020, has been canceled for the following reasons.

  1. The number of COVID-19 infections in Japan still continues to increase at this moment, and it seems that this trend may continue for a while.
  2. Under these uncertain circumstances, we cannot guarantee a safe and healthy environment for participants and people concerned at the IATSS Forum.
  3. Travel to Japan may be restricted by the governments of respective countries.
  4. Upon the completion of the program in Japan, there is a risk of traveling restrictions back to respective countries from Japan. Even if participants are able to go back to their respective countries, they may be requested to engage in self-isolation for 14 days.


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Participant's Voices

Bai [56th batch (2016 Autumn Forum)] [Malaysia]

Participating in 56th batch (2016 Autumn Forum)Malaysia

Voice before the participation

This is my 2nd time applying for IATSS which I nearly missed this time too. But I am glad that I was accepted to join it. Watching and reading about Japan always make me curious to visit this country to learn on how the do their stuff. And to be together with other 9 countries working together in one roof, would be an amazing experiences.
IATSS would be my 4th time joining programs with ASEAN participants. However, looking at the diversity of background from IATSS 56th participants make me curious on wondering how it would be different than the other program I joined.
I am the person that learn from the street better than learn in a classroom. This would be challenging for me, but in the same time I am excited to see how far I can go and how much this program would impact me. Looking forward networking for cross-collaboration project once I am back to my hometown.

Voice after the participation

Once I come back from IATSS, I had been working on writing up proposal to expand my social business to help more youth in my hometown, Jitra, state of Kedah, Malaysia. In December I had run a 2 days bootcamp about the future skills in work force for 30 college students title Youth Leap - 2020. Besides, I had been invited by few national universities such as University of Malaya (UM), the top public university in Malaysia in December to talk about Social Innovation. During this talk I had share about my experience in Japan and my perspective on how Japan do their way for Social Innovation. In February 2017, I had been invited in North University of Malaysia (UUM) as a panellist to talk about “Youth Empowerment through E-Business in rural and urban area”. Now I am currently organizing a volunteer work in Omadal Island, in Sabah state this April. I am organizing a medical and dental camp by bringing 20 others young professional, doctors and dentist to serve the undocumented community or the sea gypsies. For the future participants, I hope they could be open minded, tolerant and respect not just other participants but also IATSS Staff. They should put in mind that, everyone is special, and it’s not just about themselves, it’s about how they could work together as one.