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  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 57th batch (2017 Spring Forum)
Hello everyone from my IATSS Forum family, I am Coral from Myanmar. I am typing this with a big smile on my face since I am very happy and exciting to see you all soon. I am so glad to be being one of the cheerful candidates of this 57th IATSS forum. I would like to say a massive thanks to each and every one who sculptures this unique IATSS forum. You all made our days brighter. Thank you so much indeed. I want to mention about our IATSS Alumni in Myanmar too, the most close-knit alumni I have ever seen. Everyone I met is very active, energetic and share their knowledge and experiences to whomever in need. I have no doubt that they gained those impressive behaviors through this IATSS forum Leadership Training Program. I admire them a lot and I will be one of such alumni sooner. Yay! I am very eager to work for each single activity of the program. Since learning and sharing about the different cultures is my favorite thing to do in life, I get more and more excited to be there to meet up with my relatives from Japan and ASEAN countries. I am counting the days. Folks! Are you ready to think, learn and have fun together with me in Japan???Let’s grab this once in a lifetime chance together!!
Hello everyone, This is Coral from Myanmar. Now is time to speak out what I have learned and experienced through 55 days in IATSS Forum in Japan. My life there in IATSS forum was meaningful, I learned something new every day through various activities of IATSS forum; such as Gashuku, field visits, seminars and lectures, cultural events and group projects. Participating in IATSS Forum was one of the most important notable points of my life. Most valuable one for me is learning about the essence of sustainability concept which I didn’t pay much attention before. IATSS Forum is a priceless place where we all were trained to see the vein of Team work. It is also a place where we had various opportunities to see strengths and weaknesses of ourselves. I am so glad that I could grab such chance which helps me to appraise myself truly. I believe 55 days in Japan with IATSS Forum has shaped me to be a better person. After thorough thinking about IATSS Forum, I miss my time there so much. I miss my super cool friends from 57th batch , I miss all IATSS Forum’s staffs who helped us anytime, I miss my home stay family who treated me very well, I miss all volunteers who taught us the value of Japanese culture, I miss Japanese food, I miss Onsen and I also miss very convenient public transportation system in Japan. Time flies very first but memories are still fresh and juicy since I could takeaway those in my heart. Finding good friends in 55 days is not easy but we made it through IATSS Forum programs. Moshimoshi IATSS Forum’s family, LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU GUYS SOON IN 2018 TOGETHER. Watashi wa min'na o aishiteimasu.