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  • Country : Myanmar
  • Forum : 57th batch (2017 Spring Forum)
Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Wai Htoo Kyaw and I'm from Myanmar. I'm one of the selected participants for the 57th IATSS Forum. I'm really excited to be part of this IATSS Forum and looking forward for the program with each passing day. This will be the first time I will be in Japan and I am sure this journey will be unforgettable. I am a business entrepreneur who have started the distribution business of maternal and baby care products in Myanmar. Some of the brands I carry are well known internationally. I'm also starting to build an ecosystem of online knowledge sharing platform which can be easily accessible to the users. I look forward to sharing my experiences and my work with all the other participants. I believe this program will prepare us with the right skills and mindset to become a responsible leader back in our own countries. Hoping to see everyone there and have a wonderful time together
My Life in IATSS Forum Hi everyone. My name is Wai from Myanmar. I was one of the participants of the recently completed 57th Batch of IATSS Forum. I believe if you are reading this you are probably interested in applying to get selected. I want to share some of the highlights of my time during the program. This particular training program has given me a great deal of momentum and abilities to face the challenges of being a great leader. The specifically designed learning journey that will enrich your knowledge and understanding of others is unique to this program. I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard programs like this in other countries. The program pushes each and every one of us to our limits. You will learn many new skills or refine your existing strengths. You will be able to work under pressure, discover about your core potentials and even challenge yourself to reach new limits. You will need to give all you got to come out as a winner but once you can do that you will never regret being a part of this Forum and alumni network. In summary, Apply to this program – definitely Will you be exhausted – yes Will you be facing challenges everyday – yes Will you have conflicts - yes But, Will you have meaningful experiences – yes Will you learn more about yourself – yes Will you make lifelong friends – yes Will you learn to appreciate the world and the nature – yes Will you have unforgettable memories and laugh together a lot – most definitely