Applying Knowledge and Experience from
IATSS Forum & Paying Forward to Community

Participant's Voices


  • Country : Cambodia
  • Forum : 58th batch (2017 Autumn forum)
Chum Reab Sour Nak Teang Ors Knea! (Hello Everyone!) My name is Kossoma, participant from Cambodia. It is my second time to have a chance to participate in professional program in abroad. My impression to the program is sharing knowledge and experience of participants from ASEAN countries. It is not the platform of sharing, thinking and learning together, but also challenging because we come from different countries with different culture, education background, working experience, and so on. However, we have one thing in common which is transform ourselves to be a professional leader in the future by joining in IATSS Forum program. What I am doing now is well-prepared and be ready with researching, data collection, and preparation all relevant information to complete the assignment of each seminar/workshop before the program start. I hope the program is the guideline for me to change my attitude, build-up my knowledge, and identify who am I. Anyway, I am so delighted and excited to look forward to seeing you all soon especially my new friends and IATSS staff.
It has already been about 3 months since I returned from the IATSS Forum and left the 58th participants. After returning to my country, I missed the IATSS Forum so much it was the place I met new friends from ASEAN countries, gained and improved my knowledge, and challenged myself in different situations. One more thing which I could not forget is the last session (promising session) with the IATSS Forum staff, everyone was asked to utilize what they gained during 55 days from the program especially the new knowledge by contributing to our society and to continue to promote and support the program. Surely, I have joined in the alumni activities such as the PR seminars to promote the IATSS Forum for the next batch by sharing how to apply for this program and some guidelines to pass for the 1st screening. Moreover, I have joined in one of the projects which is called “Program Cooling Cambodia”. The main objective of this project is introduced on how to save the energy through primary school students. Besides, joining and supporting in the alumni activities, I was interviewed by one local magazine on how to be well-prepared and well-organized for joining any kind of program in Japan especially to be a successful candidate of the IATSS Forum. I had mentioned four points. At first, we have to understand well and more detail about the purpose and objective of the program through the program website, seminars, workshops, and so on. Second, we have to build network with alumni members for getting good tips and guideline on how to apply in the program and selected as the successful candidate. Third, we have to focus more and pay more attention on what the program request and needs and follow the instructions carefully. Next, being strong, ready, confident and satisfied with our result, and never giving up. There are a lots of activities during the IATSS Forum, so we must have a clear vision and mission, or we will not be able to accept anything new from the program and share what we have to do with others. Lastly, I would like to share one thing. Please always remember the word “Reflection”. It is a very important word I learned from the program. We should reflect on what we have done and not yet done. It could help us a lot to identify who we are very clearly. I hope the next batch participants will be strong and more active in all aspects of the program and alumni activities.