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  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 58th batch (2017 Autumn forum)
I was born and raised in Bogor, a small city that also one of buffer cities of Jakarta. Everyday, hundreds people commute to Jakarta that about 40 km far apart for work. Just like the other cities near to the capital of Indonesia, Bogor has been exposed to modernization, including its problem. Economic inequality and poverty that lead to more problems, such as teenage juvenile, school drop out, and street children. Therefore, after earned bachelor degree, I started to try to hand a little real contribution by setting up a social organization with some friends called Terminalhujan Foundation back in 2011, that helps children who live along the river for better understanding and knowledge about education and community development to mums group. I also work in educational industry as a lecturer, trainer, and management consultant who specializing in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. I meet students with diverse backgrounds and needs so I have to always catch up to the latest insights and experiences. Especially, the establishment Economic ASEAN Community is the major agenda that will lead another challenge and opportunity for Indonesia, in educational field. By joining IATSS forum, it will also surely enrich my knowledge about the macro condition of other ASEAN countries and the strategies to overcome it. I am beyond happy to obtain first hand experience learning from the professors, experts, company visit, and Japanese cultural activity. I will also be exposed to Japanese work ethics, their social, and citizenship behavior. It will help me to not just expanding my networks but also initiating new collaborations. Last not but least, IATSS Forum will teach me about how to improve my soft skill in many areas, such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and problem solving.