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  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 58th batch (2017 Autumn forum)
“I may not that small, but I’m agile to explore”. That was my statement when the first jury asked me to explain about myself. All juries were smiling. Surprisingly, that statement was like a key to unlock the opportunity to be one of participants in IATSS Forum, the program that I believe will be very beneficial for my career, social work, hobby, and personality enhancement. I hope that I can keep challenging myself in this valuable opportunity to stay agile to explore all programs prepared by amazing IATSS team and all knowledge delivered by the experts in their respective sectors. I also expect that my exploration journey during IATSS Forum will be more impactful with the knowledge sharing among new friends from various nations. I wish that my time in Japan can broaden my horizon and enrich my perspective in managing every challenge of life. I also want to have a moment to capture the beauty of culture, nature, and life in Japan through writing and photo. I wish that my writing and photo during IATSS Forum may open another door of great opportunity following my previous chance to be best blogger in Indonesia in 2011 and blogger with appreciation to meet three presidents of Indonesia. Last but not least, I would like to deliver my deepest gratitude for IATSS team who has worked by heart in preparing the program that has wonderful goal to develop the quality human resources from various countries by thinking and learning together.
Before coming to Japan to become the participant in IATSS Forum, I silently already stated in my note that it had to be my life-changing moment. Thus, in joining IATSS Forum, I tried my best to gain knowledge as much as possible for both personal improvement and managerial/leadership skill. Going back to Indonesia, with the spirit I gain from Japan, I conduct event that I expect may have bigger impact for the society which is managed in better PDCA flow. Through my role as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) person in PT Astra Honda Motor, I want to make a program named the 15th Astra Honda Motor Best Student (AHMBS) fresher and more interesting. I begin by giving a subtitle of the program of “The Millennial Race”. Usually, the program is about the competition among smart students from all over Indonesia who can write the best idea on formal paper. However, in this year, I want to be this program to be more relevant in the millennial era. Thus, I make the theme about the young entrepreneurship. AHMBS finds 27 high school students from various provinces in Indonesia who already conduct their business. Since it has the spirit of race which symbolizes the ultimate battle among participants, I add the challenge of social media. AHMBS challenges the participant to make short video of advertisement about their product not only to promote but also to know how people react toward their product. After going to undergo regional competition, the top 27 selected participants go the final round in Jakarta. In Jakarta, they not only compete to bid their best product in front of judges (one of the judges is Anggun who is my fellow participant in IATSS Batch) but also get some training about business and motivation. The end goal of the program is to help young entrepreneurs to open their eyes about many opportunities and how to stay strong to face challenges to be the successful in their future. IATSS Forum has helped me a lot in the process of idea making and management process. Thus, with the knowledge I get in Japan, I hope AHMBS will be much more impactful event for young people in Indonesia. I wish those brilliant generation can spread the love for Indonesia through their entrepreneur skill.