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  • Country : Cambodia
  • Forum : 49th batch (2012 Autumn Forum)
Wow………….,Am I going to Japan? Is that true? It is almost one year I have been waiting for you, Japan. My dreaming country!!! I’m awaiting and going to see you soon. In the second I am told I am selected to the 49th IATSS Forum, 2012, I felt speechless. I was so excited that I could have such a great chance for my life. I would learn and build up myself throughout the motto of the forum “Thinking and Learning Together” with many other young professional experts from ASEAN countries. I would not only gain professional experience and career qualification but to network international understanding and interculture exchanges throughout the whole programs. I am enthusiastic to see all of you, the forum, the IATSS staff and the ASEAN participants. The program would be the great impact, POSITIVE IMPACT, to my life, also to other participants, and I am SURE. Seem now I can’t wait to see you………!!!
It has already been eight months since I left IATSS Forum, yet I am still missing and remembering all the activities-seminars, cultural exchanges, tour visits, Suzuka environment, Japanese lifestyle, and a lot more, which I have learned, shared, as well as experienced with the 9 ASEAN friends, several Japanese people, and the IATSS forum staff. What else can I describe here? It was so wow…!!! It was the best ever memory in my life, I can say. It has driven the new me-the strong and capable woman- capable of being part of such a meaningful program, the IATSS Forum. With this special circumstance, I am here wholeheartedly thankful to IATSS Forum staff for organizing such a fantastic leadership training program for us, the participants from 9 ASEAN countries, to learn more about your country as well as to bring ourselves such knowledge back in order to create a positive change to our respective countries. Hontou ni doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!