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  • Country : Indonesia
  • Forum : 59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)
Hello from Indonesia. Salam kenal! How meaningful is the word 'connect' to you? I'm Aisyah Novanarima. At the moment I do communications at Indonesia's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. One of our goals is to see everyone everywhere in Indonesia connected to the quality information, so basically that word means a lot to me. Speaking of 1.904.569 square kilometres of land, more than 13.000 islands and 122 underdeveloped areas, connecting people to telecommunication infrastructure was a huge job. It took us four years to achieve international recognition for our broadband internet access with a strong focus on affirmative policy. But when it comes to connecting people to quality information on the internet, we're just not there yet. I'm more ready than ever to solve the problem with IATSS Forum fellows.