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  • Country : Laos
  • Forum : 59th batch (2018 Spring Forum)
Expectations Hi all, my name is Miss Vongsone Heuangphida or you can call me Kick. I am from Laos. I am so happy to be selected for participating in this program because this is my last chance for applying (I will be over 35 years old after June, 2018). I believe that the last is the luckiest one. As this is the valuable chance, I will make big effort to exchange my leading skills and how to deal with the challenges with other excellent representatives from nearby countries and the professors who will share their experience and professional in leadership in the training program. Personally, I am very interesting in women leadership. So, I believe that I will have such great conversations with most participants. Additionally, I am interested in Japanese culture and educational system. Japan has unique and rich culture which is well-known in world wide. I am very curios to learn how Japanese preserve and promote their culture to the world. For Japanese education, it is one of the high qualifications in Asia and in the world-word top rank. As I am working at educational field, I believe I will gain some worthy lessons in educational leadership and management from Japanese professors in the lecture room. And I hope to hear some history of Japanese education system. Thanks Kick